Online Learning: 3 Technical Skills That Are A Must Have When Taking Up Online Learning

January 2016
Technical Skills That Are A Must Have When Taking Up Online Learning
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A key difference between online learning and classroom based learning is the fact that the former is flexible. You can read your course from just about anywhere. But since the entire curriculum is based online, there are a few skills that you need to master. Planning to take up an online degree? Make sure you’ve brushed up on these technical skills:

Research Skills:

Research papers, essays, and projects require students to brush up their research skills. And there’s no place better than the internet to look for information. Google Scholar is a veritable mine of credible information. It offers almost all research papers on any imaginable topic on the planet!

Online Etiquette:

Brush up on your online etiquette skills before you participate on discussions, post on bulletin boards, or send emails to your professors. Using slangs popular on social media or SMS’s is a common mistake that most students make. Always address your professors formally, and never ever post anything that you’d be embarrassed about. Emails correspondence should be appropriate with the correct grammar, punctuation marks, and in a professional tone. Here again, the internet can be of great help. But if you are unsure and need a little help initially, pay someone to take your online class for you. Our expert tutors won’t just take your class, but write your essays, and even send emails to professors on your behalf.

Practice Privacy And Online Security:

Online privacy and security is a major concern. This involves understanding the fact that information you share with your peers is public and can be misused by others. While researching, you may come across websites that seek personal information like phone number or date of birth, or address. Passwords should be unique and changed regularly. This advice is also applicable in instances where you pay someone to take your online class.