100% Guaranteed

When you find an Online Classwork Provider (OCP) with Take My Online Class, we not only help you negotiate for the lowest rate possible, but we hold OCPs accountable.

How does Take My Online Class make OCPs honor their deals?

When you ask one of these OCPs to take your online class, we verify your funds and hold each payment in escrow until the work is completed to your satisfaction. This protects you, the student buyer, from the scammer OCP – who will try to steal your login, forget your work, and keep your money. Since Take My Online Class refuses to work with scammers, grade agreements rarely go unfulfilled, but in the worst-case scenario where they make a mistake, you have a guarantee: no one has spent, moved, or run away with your money. You get it back the minute anything goes wrong. That’s the Take My Online Class 100% Guaranteed service promise.

We’ll just lay out the steps for you one more time:

  1. Compare Providers via the Take My Online Class Get Quote Engine
  2. Once you select your provider/s, click the “reserve now” button next to your preferred group, or contact us here
  3. One of our experts will coordinate with you and the company you chose to take your online class for the best price and grade!
  4. You pay us your first installment. We keep it in our escrow account so that your provider has no choice but to do the work up to standard.
  5. If you they meet your requirements, they continue to do the work – until your course is completed and you have the grade you desired!
  6. If at any point, the OCP taking your online class does not hold up their end of the agreement, you get your money back! You can pick a new provider and we’ll restart the negotiations, or simply get a refund. No risk.

Still curious? Feel free to submit any unanswered questions about the service via our Contact page.