Online Courses That You Should Take Online

November 2015
online courses that you should take online
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We all know online courses offer the flexibility and freedom to learn at anytime and from anywhere. Thanks to MOOCs, there are thousands of courses available that students can take for free. But the challenge is to choose those that are good and to stay away from those that are useless. Here are some courses that you should take online:

Social Sciences:

Prestigious universities like Harvard and Stanford offer short term, for credit courses in social sciences through EdX. While some of them are free, others charge a nominal fee. These courses help students to understand the subject in-depth and from a different perspective. Courses in sociology, history, anthropology help your graduate course and are easy to take as well. Students are required to complete reading assignments, essays, and discussions to be eligible for grades.

Physical Wellness And Other Allied Courses Related To Healthcare:

Students planning to graduate in nursing or other health related studies are likely to be greatly benefitted through short term courses like Physical Wellness, Alcohol Addiction, and Basic Sex Education. These courses add value to your CV and are very informative.

Human Behavior:

Courses related to human behavior are very useful marketing and sales professionals. These courses help them understand human nature and the reason why they do the things they do. Some of the popular ones include A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior offered by Duke University through Coursera. It was voted first among 15 best free online courses by Business Insider.

Agreed, of these courses are worth the time and effort, but they come with the mandatory assignment and test requirements to be completed before deadline. We can help you complete the assignment and test aspect of these courses while you get the benefit of learning something new. Call us to ask ‘can you do my homework for me’ or I need online class help and we’ll sort everything for you.