How to Avoid Study Distractions and Stay Focused During an Online Class

May 2019
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Online learning can be overwhelming when you’re trying to balance your family commitments and work responsibilities. You might be distracted for five out of every 15 minutes you set aside for classwork. This is also due to the constant use of smartphones, video games and social media. With so much going on, it can be difficult for you to stay away from distractions. Of course, you need to know how to develop strong study habits so that no distraction takes away from your class grade.

1. Develop Study Routines with Goals and Targets

Student life is challenging. Getting into a scheduled routine can help you navigate demands and responsibilities. Set a specific time for each task that you need to accomplish for the day. Be it work, online assignments, or family commitments, allocate a dedicated amount of time frame for each thing. Break your objectives into short, manageable parts. Incremental progress is what you should be looking to achieve. Track your progress and have a record of your work so you know how much you have completed during the day. This is important for motivation.

2. Tackle the Tough Stuff First

Do you have the habit of tackling the easiest task first? You are not alone. Procrastination is human nature. Take a deep breath and try to remain calm. Start with the most challenging assignment or responsibility you have in front of you. It might seem counter-intuitive, because of all the time the assignment will take, but once you get it out of the way, you’ll feel empowered and ready to knock out anything else you have to do. Study in short blocs with the Pomodoro method (25-minute active learning followed by a five-minute break). Whatever you’re working on, become engaged ASAP. Understand that procrastination hits everyone but that there is a way to beat it. Read ‘Types Of Procrastinators – Which One Is You?’ to learn more about the different kinds of procrastinators.

3. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Electronics can make your life easy, and you’d be the first to admit that you’d probably be lost without your smartphone or laptop. That said, it’s hard to use these devices for schoolwork and end up browsing the internet or watching videos online. This is going to eat up all of your time, as you probably have already experienced. Make use of apps like Studious, which sends alerts to your devices to keep you on track. This educational app can help you stay on track of homework, assignments, and exam prep. There are countless other apps similar to Studious that help keep distractions at bay.

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