Types Of Procrastinators – Which One Is You?

December 2017
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Procrastination can be a huge hindrance to productivity. It stops you from work, kills motivation and often leads to stress and depression. It not only affects your work performance but your health as well.

You have all the time in the world to accomplish any task. But without motivation, you’ll not have the ability to put efforts into completing the given work. We procrastinate because we don’t feel like doing an assignment, or it seems unimportant and time-consuming.

There are three types of procrastinators. What kind of procrastinator are you?

The Relaxed Type:

Most of us fall into this category. The relaxed procrastinator intentionally avoids situations that may cause displeasure and switch to more enjoyable activities. Postponing the task for another day is the most common excuse for them. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally delaying unpleasant work for later. But if it becomes a habit, it can negatively affect your responsibilities and direct your energy to attain immediate satisfaction.

The Genius Type:

Genius type procrastinators usually care about their tasks but wait until the last minute to complete it. Generally, they have the ability, and the required skill but are lazy. They know that by putting up minimal effort, they can still achieve good results. But if there isn’t a deadline, their work lags as there’s no sense of urgency to complete the tasks. If you believe that you work best under pressure, you most likely fall into this category. Doing everything at the last minute, rarely allows you to open up your full potential.

The Avoider Type:

Avoider procrastinators usually have one major problem. They feel the discomfort of performing a task that is either unpleasant or has high stakes. They run away from the fear of failure or sometimes even fear of success. They make themselves feel better by running away from the task and not putting in any effort.

Whenever you feel lazy to do your work remember the Nike quote, ‘yesterday you said tomorrow.’ As a student, it’s critical to stay motivated for achieving better results. For occasional bouts of laziness, hire us! Call our experts to ask – ‘Can I pay someone to take my online class?’

Which type of procrastinator are you? Share us your thoughts with us!