6 Tips to Take a Study Break that Works

October 2018
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In our blogs, we’ve often encouraged students to try the pomodoro technique while studying. This method usually involves studying intensely for around 30 minutes and then taking a quick 5-10 minute break before moving on to the next study schedule. But it’s not only about taking breaks; it’s how you take a break that matters. Here are a few tips that we suggest to make the most of your break time.

Take a Walk

Fresh air relaxes the mind and body and strengthens the immune system. It is also known to lighten our mood and increase energy levels. By locking yourself inside the house, you are only inhaling stale air. Go out for a walk to feel energized.

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Take a Quick Shower:

Researchers have found that taking a warm bath releases dopamine in the brain, thereby encouraging us to think creatively. That’s probably why you’ve heard people saying that they’re at their creative best in a shower! If you’re tired after studying, take a quick shower and come back revitalized.

Cook a Healthy Meal:

Take a Study Break that Works

Cooking can help to take your mind off studies. If you’re not in a mood to cook, go for fresh vegetables, apple, cucumber sandwiches, roasted chickpeas, toasted pumpkin seeds etc. Avoid eating high-fat, nutrient-poor food. Aim for 2 to 4 liters of water per day to stay hydrated.

Make a List of Keywords:

Write down a list with the main keywords of the material you’ve just studied. This can come in handy if you’re thinking about making flashcards to prepare for future tests and exams. You can also test your knowledge by just looking at the list from time to time to see if you still remember what they mean.

Check Your To-Do-List:

Use your 15-minute study break to go through the list and see how much you need to get done for the day. If you have an urgent academic task that’s ruining your happy hours, then hire our tutors. Call us to ask – ‘Can I hire a tutor to take my online class for me?’ We can help you!

As we said earlier in ‘How To Avoid Study Burnout And Increase Productivity’ breaks play a major role in beating burnout and stress. So use these smart tips to make the most out of your study sessions.