How To Avoid Study Burnout And Increase Productivity

July 2018
Important Tips To Plan Your Study Breaks
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When you push yourself and work really hard for 10 hours a day consistently, fatigue tends to build up. And when you do take a break, all those extreme tiredness starts to come to the surface. You may also need longer times to recover. Unlike computers that are built to work at high speed and perform multi-tasks at once over a long period of time, we humans are not designed to work that way. If you want to be more productive and feel less burnt out at the end of each workday, it is essential to take smart and effective breaks.

Here are a few tips that are a great starting point to beat study burnout.

Schedule Your Breaks In Advance:

Ideally, you’re going to plan your workday including your break times the night before. If you decide in advance, when and where you’re going to take a specific action, you can double or triple the chances of meeting your goal. It’s good to take a five to fifteen-minute break every 90 minutes of dedicated work.

Make It Easy To Remember:

Create a planner for you to add your breaks along with your daily tasks. Set up notifications or set timers on your phone. Once you get into the focused zone, you may be intensely working for hours without looking up to other things. These notifications can alert you to take breaks on time.

Step Away From Distractions:

During your breaks, do not check your email or web surf. Put down your phone and turn off your system. Doing so will only keep you in the same mental state and actually makes the fatigue worse. So what should you do instead? Follow step number four.

Exercise And Hydrate:

Dehydration can negatively affect concentration, reaction time, memory and mood. It causes headaches, fatigue, and anxiety. It’s important to drink a big, tall glass of water and exercise to move your body. Get outside, take a walk around and do some jumping jacks. Exercising during your study hours has various health benefits like improved concentration, shaper memory, faster learning, prolonged mental stamina, enhanced creativity, lowers stress and elevated mood.

Tune Back Into The Focused Study Mode:

Once you have walked or stretched, take a few deep breaths and tune back into the project you were doing. It’s now time to redirect your cognitive energy back into the focused mode and start working to accomplish your academic goals.

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