3 Reasons Why You Should Learn A New Language

April 2022
3 Reasons Why You Should Learn A New Language
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Did you know there are around 33 billion people in the world who are bilingual? And yet, only 13% of Americans can speak more than one language. This is surprising considering that being bilingual offers multiple benefits – it improves memory, helps with creative problem solving, and improves cognitive flexibility. If you are still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why you must learn a second language:

It Improves Social Skills In A Global World:

When recognizing a foreign accent, most native speakers are happy with their willingness to communicate with them and openness toward a new culture. They are gentle and happy to advise about bus times, drinks orders, etc. Language learners develop a positive attitude towards other cultures and languages. They are more tolerant of their customs and traditions.

If you’re a second-generation American, it’s good to learn more about your cultural heritage and reconnect with the experiences of your past generations.

Speaking another language also opens up business and work opportunities. You may be surprised, but around 75% of people in the world do not speak English. If you’ve limited your skills to just English, you’re less inclined to collaborate with others and address global issues.

It Improves Your Communication Skills In General:

If you’re in a leadership position and need to make yourself understood, it’s important to express things clearly with no room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation. People who learn a second language become better at communicating in their mother tongue because they analyze things from different angles as they discover differences and similarities.

Learning a new language also makes you important within a multilingual team project. You can communicate easily with anyone within the team and become good at problem-solving.

It Opens Up Career Opportunities:

It Opens Up Career Opportunities:

Learning foreign languages is directly associated with better job opportunities. Research has proved that the demand for bilingual workers has increased in the last decade, with around 11 million US jobs related to exports since most companies deal with trading partners who speak languages other than English. Besides, nine out of ten employers rely on languages other than English.

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