Tips To Help You Break Language Barriers

June 2017
Help You Break Language Barriers
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We all know English is one of the most spoken languages around the world. But it is not the only language. International students who have joined American colleges often struggle a lot. Here’s how you can break language barriers.

1. Be ambitious and build the willpower to overcome shyness. True, the language has a set of grammatical rules, but don’t let them overwhelm you. Practice grammar everyday to improve your speaking and writing skills.

2. The English language has millions of words, but native speakers use only about 20,000 words. Vocabulary plays an important part in learning the language. It not only helps you understand the meaning but also allows you use phrases appropriately. Reading can help you develop your vocabulary. Along with your textbook, try reading novels, magazines, newspapers, e-books, etc.

3. Practice the language with native English speakers. Watch English movies and news channels, listen to radio shows or music. Did you know we often think in a language that we’re most comfortable in? Also, the best way to master a language is to think in that language!

4. Learn phonics if you’d like to speak in a neutral accent. Team up with a native buddy to notice the movement of mouth and lips. Learn how to pronounce by knowing when to add stress to words. Speak to yourself and record to understand your mistakes.

5. Get help from technology. Duolingo, HelloTalk, Quizlet, Memrise, Learn Languages busuu, LearnEnglish Grammar and Babbel Learn Languages are some of the common educational apps to learn the language. Words With Friends, Words on Tour, Word Streak With Friends and What’s the Phrase are some of the common vocabulary games. Listen to ESL Library’s English podcasts. Watch English Central, BlubbrTV, ESL Video and Steve Ford’s Peppy English YouTube videos for pronunciations. Join My English Club and other sites to connect with different language learners. Make use of Google translator to understand the meaning a word in your mother tongue.

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