Would You Tell Your Teacher Accidentally High Grade

July 2015
teacher accidentally gave me a high grade
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Would You Tell Your Teacher If You Accidentally Got A High Grade On An Exam

Today’s topic is all about integrity. Would you call it cheating and tell your teacher is she accidentally gave you a higher grade than you deserved? We asked three of our customers this question. Here are their thoughts:

“I would definitely tell my teacher if she made a mistake when grading my test. I work hard for my grades and I would want to know if I got something wrong. I’d feel guilty if my teacher gave me an unfair grade or my other classmates thought I cheated for a better grade.” – Tanya K.

“Why would I tell my teacher? The whole point of college is to get good grades so I can look good for future employers. If my teacher was too lazy to grade my test correctly, that’s his fault, not mine. I’ll take the best grade possible, every time. If that means that I need to cheat every once in a while, so be it. I want good grades.” – Mohammed A.

“I wouldn’t tell my instructor because I don’t think this counts as cheating. I think it’s just pure good luck and every deserves some luck in their life.” – Abdullah A.

As you can see, there are mixed opinions on the matter. At Take My Online Class, we believe that it’s important to earn high grades no matter what. We understand that people can sometimes make mistakes and it’s nobody’s fault. We also believe that every student paying for school deserves to earn good grades. Whether you call it cheating, or just being thrifty with your future, we’re here to help you succeed.

Have you ever cheated on an exam to get a good grade? Sometimes, depending on how you cheat, it doesn’t always pay off. You can get caught my your professor and get a zero on your assignment or be put on probation. However, when cheating with Take My Online Class, there is zero risk involved. We take extra security measures to make sure you’re always safe with us.

How do you feel about honesty in college? Do you think that every student deserves good grades for a better and brighter future, or do you think students should be forced to spend hours studying with no guarantee of a good grade? Is it cheating if you don’t tell your professor about his or her mistake, or is it just good luck to get a higher-than-deserved grade? Tell us what you think.