Why Do So Many Students Fail To Complete Their Online Program?

November 2015
Student Fail to complete their online payment
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Major online learning platforms like Coursera, edX, and Udacity have around 4 million students signup for their courses. Yet, only a few thousand of them manage to complete a course. The statistics for those who sign up for a second course is all the more depressing. So why are dropout rates so high for online courses?

Not All Of Them Who Sign Up Intend To Complete:

This is especially true of MOOCs. A Harvard study that famously concluded about only 4% of students managing to complete an online course, also mentioned that completion rates cannot be an effective measure to determine the success of an online course. This is because a large majority of students signing up do not intend to complete- they’re merely window shopping. Some are instructors looking for ideas to teach their own class, some are students looking for additional information, and some others have absolutely no idea why they signed up.

Unclear Understanding About Online Learning:

A majority of students who sign up for online learning do not understand the rigors of the course. Online learning needs self discipline and self learning skills. They do not have the dedication to sit for a few hours regularly every day and rather prefer to study just before the term. If you count yourself as one among this group, don’t quit, instead, call us to take my online class, or do my homework for me.

Online Learning Can Be Exhaustive:

A large majority of students that take up online learning are working professionals juggling academic and work related commitments. To make up for face-to-face interaction, course designers often pack assignments, tests, and essays into semester modules. These are to be completed by the end of every week. Students who’re already pressed for time end up cheating these courses or drop out.