Why Did I Choose A Tutor For Homework Help

January 2016
Online class Students
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Are students tempted to cheat more in the online learning platform? Some studies seems to indicate the contrary- academicians claim the media doesn’t really matter because students who cheat in a classroom environment cheat in the online platform as well. I cannot talk about others, but I can certainly tell you the reasons ‘I’ cheated online classes:

Time Constraints:

Between managing back to back meetings at work, managing a family of three, juggling social life, and taking time to complete my assignments on time, I was continually stressed out. With multitasking comes another problem- you can never manage to give your 100% to any of the tasks. As a result, my grades started to fail, I was caught dozing at crucial meetings, and my family felt ignored. Hiring a tutor for homework help made life easy- I could handle work and family while the tutor took care of the assignments and tests. And when I had help at home, I completed the assignments and tests on my own. Life is more relaxed now!


At the end of my class in Personal Finance, I ended up with a B+ on all subjects. This would have been undoubtedly been impossible without a tutor for homework help. While I can manage investments and planning, I need a lot of help with taxes and related subjects. Could there be a better person than a graduate with majors in taxation to help me?


I’ve had my fair share of online course hunting. And not all of them are interesting- while some are boring, some are way too complex for me to understand. Rather than quit these courses midway, I chose a tutor to help me get good grades. The credits received through these courses could be transferred for other related courses.