How To Turn Your Ideas Into A Startup

September 2017
Ideas Into A Startup
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Companies like Yammer, Squidoo, and Meebo are the brainchild of developers who do not have a professional degree in software programming. If you consider yourself to be a genius in the making, but are struggling to bring your ideas to life, here is how you can chart your route to success.

Prove The Concept:

Before you spend your time and money searching for a designer or a technical supporter, make sure you have the answers to the following questions:

Is There A Similar Concept Already In Use? You may not be the first individual to think about the concept. Examine every single possibility to check how your competitor’s products compare with yours.

How Does The Initial Mockup Look Like? Online tools like Basalmiq, Mockingbird, and iMockups can help you create a duplicate version for your application or site. This way, you can locate design flaws at an early stage and rectify them before introducing the concept to your clients, designers, and financial investors.

What Is The Client’s Responses? Ask your potential customers to review the product. Allow them to scrutinize your concept so that you have a flawless output.


While you can employ talented people to make up for your lack of technical expertise, it is important to understand the basics. Here’s how to accomplish this:

Assess Your Skill Set And Abilities: You must be prepared to lead throughout the process of development. So make sure you learn and sort your weakness.

What Constitutes A Great User Experience Designer (UX)? You could either sign up for an online course that helps you understand UX Design, or read self –help books dedicated to the subject. If you have problems completing assignments for the course, hire us for online class help.

Decide Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). What is the most required functionality that your application or site needs?

Build Your Team:

You need someone who has the experience to initiate the process. You will have to cooperate with your CTO and face the ups and downs of your business journey together. Hire people who you think could be great team players. A good team player listens actively and exhibits flexibility.

Your dream project could either be a huge success or fail to take off. It’s up to you to decide which path it takes!