Top 3 Ed Tech Trends for Experimental and Analytical Learning

March 2019
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The best thing about online learning is that students of all ages can enroll and advance in their career. But virtual learning isn’t easy for people who are accustomed to face to face interaction. That’s where technology comes in. Here are some technological advances that can help you become a better learner:

1. Wearable Devices

Wearables like virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, smart watches, GoPro video recorders, and Google headsets have taken online education to a whole new level. These encourage you to learn by immersing you in environments that cannot be visited physically. These wearable devices can be used to understand a concept better and improve your ability to recall information. Technology can make learning more meaningful, engaging, and accessible.

2. Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used to offer a more personalized learning experience to online students. It helps you adapt to cloud technology, provides access to interactive websites through integrated software, and interacts with topics using animations and images. With the help of an interactive, personalized dashboard, you can submit your online assignments from anywhere with ease. If you’re a specially-abled student, machine learning and AI offers speech recognition and other adaptive learning techniques. If you need extra academic support, contact us to ask – ‘Can someone take my online class for me?’ Our online class takers can help you manage with assignments, projects, and even online tests with high grades.

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3. Gamification

Incorporating games in online learning can help improve retention and comprehension. With scoring being an important element of gamification, it helps students engage with the curiculum and ultimately gain knowledge. The concept of earning points upon successful completion of tasks will not improve your overall output in learning, but also make it a fun experience. Interactive displays and tablets with pre-installed educational software can weave gamification into your study topics. With the game-based learning technique, you can earn better grades on quizzes and puzzles.

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