Reasons To Choose Help For Math Homework

January 2018
Reasons For Math Help
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Why aren’t students excited about math or science any longer! Why do so many students opt to drop Math from their majors? Agreed, some students are excited about taking up math, but they soon become disinterested when things become a little complicated. Here are eight reasons why we think college students hate math.


Math is like learning a new language just like Spanish or Chinese because it allows people to communicate with each other. People need math to conduct trade, build monuments, run software programs and measure the land for farming. Galileo once said, ‘The laws of nature are written in the language of mathematics.’ It can often be challenging for students to understand the concept.


When students sit down to take a math test and start worrying that they aren’t smart enough to solve problems, math anxiety kicks in. It doesn’t mean that they’re bad at math; it’s a diagnosable condition that requires willpower and hard work. Worrying about not being able to solve math problems can eat up their short-term memory power, leaving them unable to solve problems.

The Math Stigma

The way students are exposed to math by their community plays a huge role. Teachers with math anxiety can spread dreadful math experiences to students as well. The immense pressure to solve problems creates stress.

Lack Of Motivation

It takes a lot of focus and determination to learn math. Low motivation can be one of the biggest reason to hate math. A student who cares too much about the problem can be put off Math if they fail. Some students discover that their hard work doesn’t get them as high a grade as they expected. As a result, they get frustrated and start hating the subject.

Terrible Math Teachers

Not all teachers are good at what they teach. Professors who fail to develop interest can trigger students to dislike the subject. So it is vital for educators to attract students in a fascinating way. Basic math fundamentals are necessary,and teachers should make sure that their students learn and ace them. In spite of the fact that math appears uninteresting, it has its advantages when effectively learned and connected.

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