A Quick Glance OnHow Online Classes Work

May 2016
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Most of us think that online classes are easier and more convenientcompared to conventional learning. Unlike classroom based learning, you need self-disciplinefor online classes because you do not have someone following up on you. If you are planning to sign up for online learning, here are some points to help you understand how they work:

• At the beginning of the course, you’ll be provided with an outline along with a list of reference books. This concept is similar to traditional learning wherein therewill be chapters and assignments to be completed after each lesson and submitted for review.

• There will be group and individual assignments where you are expected to collaborate and work with other students.Deadlines may seem flexible- but it makes no sense prolonging your assignments because you may end up delaying other assignments. This reflects poorly on your grades.

• Assessments are typically in the form of multiple choices, quizzes, essays etc.Some courses also require you to take the test through a secure server which ensures that the students do not have access to external sites.

• A reminder is usually sent via email regarding these tests. It is up to the student to follow it up and be prompt in submitting assignments. This is where we come in. Send us details of your syllabus and ask us to take my online class– we’ll take the test for you and complete assignments as per the schedule.

• If you are busy with work or other commitments, pick up the phone and ask us- can you take my online class?We’ll do everything for you.

• It makes sense to hire us rather than risk your GPA by asking friends to take your assignments for you. We promise to earn anyou A or B. We also promise to complete assignments on time.

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