Perfect Tips For College Admission Interviews

August 2017
College Admission Interviews
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Colleges often encourage students to meet the admission officer as a part of the college application process. Besides checking your grades, test scores and college essay, the admission officer will also consider the interview as an important factor while evaluating your application form. The meeting with your admission officer is your best chance of making a good first impression. It’s an opportunity to express your unique personality and start your academic career on a positive note. Here’s how you can ace the interview.

Ask Important Questions

Your admission authority will ask you the reasons for choosing them over others. They may also encourage you to ask questions about the college – use this opportunity to impress the officer by asking smart questions.


Prepare and practice a lot before attending the interview. Sit with a relative or friend for a mock interview. Answer their questions sincerely, as you would during the interview. These practice sessions should be of great help during the actual interview process.

Make a List of Common Questions Asked During the Interview

Interviewers tend to ask similar topics. Some commonly asked questions include:

• Why would you like to study at this college?

• What do you enjoy doing when you’re not in class?

• What have you learned from your past mistakes?

• What would you like to study in college?

• What are the four impressive things about you that I wouldn’t know from your application?

Be Yourself

Your job is to convince an interviewer that you will be an asset to the college. Discuss your ideas in detail; tell them about the subjects that you like and your dreams, which area you would like to specialize in; and what you may do after graduation.

Present Yourself As Your Best

Dress appropriately and stay away from topics that you may regret later. Do not forget to smile and put forth an attitude of positivity.

Be Thankful

Send them a thank you card. If there’s something about the meeting that was helpful to you, let your interviewer know. Or just express your interest in the college and thank your interviewer in mail for giving you the opportunity to meet them. If you are not sure about e-mail etiquette, ask our online class help tutors to write it for you.