Online Learning: Tips To Sharpen Your Research Skills

December 2015
Online Learning: Tips To Sharpen Your Research Skills
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Essays, research papers, projects, and white papers can be decisive factors that could help to score good grades when taking an online course. But sadly, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. While some are overwhelmed by the idea of writing essays and research papers, some do not have the time to submit them on time. Sometimes, I choose the smart way and pay someone to do my homework. And when I choose to complete them without help, the following tips help me get through the task:

Use credible websites:

The internet is a powerhouse of information. All that’s there to know is available on the internet. But you have to know where to look. Wikipedia and other sites are good or general information. But if you are looking for credible information, make sure that the website is credible. Do check for the references listed in the article and the domain name. Ideally, websites that end with .gov (government websites), .edu (university websites), .org offer valid information and verify facts. While information from the Wikipedia cannot be taken as authentic information, the references mentioned can be used as citations.

Choose apps offered by the web browser:

Web browsers aren’t the same anymore- they’re capable of handling multiple pages & offer white papers written by researchers. Google Scholar is a great place to look for research papers. Besides Google Scholar and LexisNexis, etc a great source to look for information.

Keep your data current:

While it is good to present statistics about your research topic, remember to keep the data current. Check for the date of publication of the source. And remember to add information that’s relevant. Even if the point is good, adding irrelevant information only makes your data redundant.

Conduct in-depth research:

When writing papers or essays, research makes all the difference. A superfluous research does not dig deep into the topic or draws meaningful conclusions. There should be something very interesting to investigate.

But remember all of this takes time and energy. I’d rather pay someone to do my homework than submit an assignment that lacks depth.