Online Education: Myths And Truths

October 2016
Online Education: Myths And Truths
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Online education is popular, but there are a lot of myths about it that should be dispelled. Let us explore some of them.

Myth 1: Online learning is easy

Truth: Online courses can be as rigorous as traditional classes

Most students feel online classes are challenging and time-consuming. Both traditional classes and online classes require the same amount of reading and writing. Just because online classes are self paced doesn’t mean there’s less work; there’s just less people around to motivate you.

Myth 2: Employers don’t value online degrees

Truth: Employers accept online degrees that are appropriately accredited

Online education is increasingly popular and employers have come to recognize its validity. In fact, online students are often seen to have better organizational and motivation skills because of the format in which they’ve gained their education.

Myth 3: Online courses are isolating

Truth: Online students actively engage with one another

While it’s true that online students take their classes away from their students, they do have to communicate with each other quite often. Online classes regularly make use of discussion boards and chat rooms for assignments, and there are a lot of group projects required in order to complete classes. Online students talk with one another a lot.

– Nearly 90% of students says that they feel comfortable in asking questions

– Around 95% of students says that they don’t hesitate expressing thoughts in discussions

– Almost 87% of students says that they can collaborate with other students

Myth 4: Online courses are all the same

Truth: Each online course is just as unique as a traditional course

Professors spend time creating online class curriculums the same way they do with traditional classes. The only difference between the two formats is that in one the students sit in a classroom and in the other they may be sitting in their bedrooms. The content of the class, however, remains the same.

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