How Online Classes Teach Real World Skills

October 2016
Technical Real World skill
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Online students can learn communication and self-discipline skills that will help them for real-world situations. Here’s how:

In working environment:

Increasingly, the workplace is becoming dominated by technology. Often, co-workers will not communicate face to face, but over platforms such as Skype to video chat. This trend is only going to increase. Online classes will help you to become better with these tools because they require you learn them in order to complete the class.

Being self-disciplined:

Online classes teach self-discipline. The reason for this is because there is no face to face stimulus to get students to complete their work. They are offered the flexibility of completing their work wherever and whenever they want. Students have to be extra committed so not to procrastinate doing their work. This will pay off in the long run.


Online programs require that students make their own schedules and stick to them. They do not spoon feed students a formalized workload. It is quite the opposite. Therefore students who successfully complete online classes gain organizational skills over the course of the class. Employers and graduate school admission boards love to see this feature in prospective workers and/or students.


Online programs familiarize students with new technology. Many traditional students may not necessarily be familiar with technology like newer students are. Completing online classes will prepare them for the increasingly technological world.

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