Living On Campus ? The Pros & Cons

April 2015
the pros & cons of living on campus
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College should be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. However, there are a lot of choices to make when deciding how to pass your four years in college. Whether you’re the type of student who will cheat in all your classes, or a dedicated studier who will earn great grades, every college student has a few things in common. One decision you all have to make is where to live. Should you stay at home and save money, or head to campus to be with your peers? Below, we’ve outlined some of the pros and cons of living on campus:


  • Live on campus and get involved in clubs and extracurriculars
  • Live near, or even with, your friends on campus and hang out whenever you want
  • Enjoy a true college experience
  • Work on campus and enjoy the flexibility and benefits of a student job and proximity to your workplace
  • You’ll save money on gas without having to commute to campus everyday
  • Enjoy unlimited free access to student resources such as internet, study areas, coffee and study rooms
  • Get away from your parents
  • Enjoy easier access to professors, making it more convenient to plan meetings and attend office hours


  • You’ll have very little privacy if you decide to live with friends
  • Do your own laundry, most likely at a laundromat
  • Cooking is difficult with limited kitchen access
  • You’ll be kicked out of your dorm during holiday breaks
  • Restrictions on parties, drinking, etc.
  • Dealing with roommate drama and issues
  • Having to listen to your roommate be loud or have sex
  • Sharing the shower/bathroom
  • Dealing with a roommate who steals your things or uses your property without asking

Don’t get cheated out of a true college experience. There are pros and cons to living on campus, but with the right mindset and determination, you’ll make the right decision for you and make your college experience the best four years of your life. If you’re wondering if you should live on campus, consult our pros and cons, or make a list of your own and share it with us. We want to hear about your college experience. Take My Online Class is here to help you, no matter what your college needs. Whether you choose online school, a traditional university program, or an accelerated degree, know that you’re making the best investment in your future, and we can help you achieve your dreams. Good luck and have fun!