Is Online Is The Future For Learning

February 2016
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Not long ago, universities were the prerogative of the privileged few- the rich, elite, and the aristocrats. Gradually, education became open to all, including women and minorities. But a few barriers continued to exist for those who cannot find the time or money. Online learning has changed all that- with the internet and mobile networking, learning can now be done everywhere and anywhere.

Around 5.5 million students have taken up an online program, and around 2.6 million of these students have enrolled entirely online classes last year. And in 2013, seven in ten degree colleges offered online courses. Here are a few reasons why the lights are shining bright on online learning:

Getting a degree is no longer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

The average American has changed jobs around 11.3 times by the time he reaches his 50s says a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. People are now willing to learn and acquire new skills to help them become adept at their new jobs. Another report claims that around 59% of jobs need added education and training- one that’s easily afforded by online learning.

Online learning opens the doorway for all:

Take the case of countries like India where more than 50% of the population still lives in rural areas with little or no access to traditional education. Online learning allows students from remote areas of the world get access to education without having to leave their place. Online courses could open new paths for them and equip skills afforded by students of developed nations.

But online learning needs dedication. It may be flexible, but not easy. For example, an average students taking an online course needs to spend around 10-15 hours every week to stay on track. This is difficult for students who’re working or managing other commitments. To help students complete their course without a glitch, we offer take my online class services. Expert tutors can take your online class, complete assignments and even send emails for you to the professor. Just call us to ask can I pay someone to take my online class, and we’ll be there for you!