How to Work on a Group Project

April 2018
Work on a Group Project
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Here are five great tips on how to deal with uncooperative and lazy group members.

Proper Communication:

Effective communication is very important in order to maintain positivity throughout a group project. Before you begin a project, set goals and expectations for every member in the group. Clarity helps to reduce confusion and ensures accountability.

Use Apps Designed for Group Projects:

It’s much better to use a tool that’s specifically designed for group work rather than trying to communicate through email. Use apps like Google Docs, Face Camp, Trello or Asana – most of them are free for small groups. It’s perfect for assigning tasks and keeping projects well organized. You can sync things on Dropbox, making it easy to store files.

Pay Close Attention to Deadlines:

Create mini-deadlines to keep the project on track. Build checkpoints along the way for each person. If you’re worried about a member not doing their tasks, take on an authoritative role and assert yourself. With these mini-deadlines, you can make sure the tasks are on schedule and make sure that other members aren’t procrastinating.

Emailing the Professor:

It’s possible that in grouping specific people together, your professor is trying to simulate the real world. While this can be a good learning experience, there’s also the chance that some people will still let you down. There is nothing wrong with reaching out to the professor and telling him or her that you don’t want your grade put at risk because of a lazy group member.

Do the Work for Them:

Yes, it’s awful and totally unfair, but the more work you do, the better you’ll be anyway. It might stink in the short run but after a while they’re going to be left behind while you’re succeeding.

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