How to Successfully Manage Online Discussions

October 2020
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In graduate-level online courses, group discussions can be a little chaotic, for students are constantly trying to emphasize their viewpoints over their peers. It’s also common for students to exceed their allotted speaking times, and some students go above and beyond to post lengthy discussion posts that dominate conversations and minimize other contributions. Every student has his/her own way of managing online discussions, but the five tips discussed below—if used correctly—can help you participate effectively and politely in an online forum:

a. Participate With Verifiable Facts:

Always stick to the topic at hand and share your opinions when given an opportunity. Avoid cutting off the professor or peers; this is unavoidable sometimes, so just apologize politely if an instance should happen. Use citations from your books or reputed publications to support your ideas and thoughts.

b. Use Keywords:

Remember to always include essential keywords in post titles and body paragraphs. If you do this, it’ll help classmates and the instructor engage with your work. If you are trying to add to an existing discussion thread, apply words that have been used previously to gain the attention of peers; the instructor may notice as well!

c. Keep Posts Short and Relevant:

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If the instructor has not specified word count, try to keep posts crisp and to the point. Posts that are too long or off topic tend to lose classmate engagement fast, so make your work count and write an engaging post. Do research to gather content that’s relevant to the topic before making your post. And while presenting your viewpoints on posts to peers, concentrate on issues that are relevant to the course and its topics.

d. Keep Emotions and Some Personal Views to Yourself:

An online course discussion board is a platform for learning—you shouldn’t discuss unrelated personal views or throw tantrums when topics influence your emotions. As a student, you must present facts in a way that’s professional and polite. Even if you want to present conflicting viewpoints, you should do so politely so you avoid offending peers or instructors.

e. Take Help From Professionals:

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