How to Stay on Top of Your Online Class

April 2019
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If you are enrolled in an online class and have exams coming up, you might be stressed. In these cases, it is essential that you prepare yourself to have the optimal study experience. Here are a few tips that make a huge difference and can potentially bring you up full letter grades. Follow these tips to stay focused and develop better study habits.

1. Develop a Personal Study Space

Not everyone has the ability to create a study space in their home. You might need to move between libraries, coffee shops or others’ apartments which are free from distractions. Evaluate your study preferences and learning styles and decide what environment you work best in. It is vital to conduct frequent evaluations of your study area to make sure you’re keeping up with your goals. If you’re struggling with motivation, it is necessary to work in a space that fosters motivation and determination. Remember to schedule time blocs for each class, that way you stay on track. If you need more tips, read Five Tips To Earn Good Grades This Semester to design the perfect study space.

2. Practice Active Learning

Instead of just passively reading your eBook, listening to a podcast, or writing notes without thinking, you should try to problem-solve on your own. If you want to develop active learning and problem-solving capabilities, you have to put in the work. Promote active participation by gathering information, discussing assignments, writing detailed notes, generating questions, solving difficult problems, and performing reflection-based activities. This process promote your thinking skills in an active way which is more likely to come through on tests.

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3. Get Rid of Distractions

Distractions can be either internal, such as emotional and physiological needs, or external, such as people and technology. You must be able to focus on your studies to gain a better understanding of the class material. Put the phone on ‘Do not disturb’ mode and use browser extensions such as StayFocused to stay away from social media. Avoid multi-tasking, as it restrains you from getting any one thing done. It is a good idea to have a distraction sheet where you take note of distractions which come up, so you can avoid them next time. If you’re still distracted, we suggest you hire class help online services to manage your online classwork. These professionals can complete assignments, projects, quizzes, essays, discussion board posts, and even online exams. Call us to ask – ‘Can I hire someone to take my online class for me?’