How to Participate Effectively in an Online Discussion

September 2018
Participate Effectively in an Online Discussion
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Online discussion boards are platforms to discuss topics with fellow students and exchange ideas or share understanding of the subject. This back and forth engagement helps students expand their knowledge and encourages them to take a position on issues. These discussions are initiated by the instructor, and each student is expected to make a post related to the topic. But for these discussions to be effective it is important for students to follow certain guidelines:

Read the instructions carefully before posting your comments:

Make sure you understand what your instructor expects. This includes knowing the due date, the length of the post, post type (new thread or reply to previous posts), the frequency of posts, etc. Quality posts are relevant to the topic, thoughtful, and add to the conversation. Posts should have a subject line to make it easier for others to find in searches. They should start with a strong statement about your views on an issue and then supported with explanations about the comment.

Respect your peers’ opinions:

The problem with communication in a virtual space is that it lacks visual and other nonverbal cues used in a traditional discussion. Your message could come across as offensive if you don’t fully evaluate the way it could be interpreted. Something you think is funny might be taken as insulting by someone else.

Keep everyone in the loop:

Remember to inform the instructor and others about your absence if you’re going to be absent during the online discussion. If you don’t want to forget making a post or comment, you can always hire us for help. Call us to ask, “Can I pay someone to take my online class for me?” We have helped hundreds of students manage their online assignments, including guest posts, tests, and even quizzes.

Remember, better posts are correlated to better grades – so don’t ignore posting or commenting!