How to Earn Better Grades in Online Classes

June 2019
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Online courses are a popular way to earn a degree while balancing work and family. However, it can present unique challenges, especially for first-timers. Managing a full-time job with a full course load isn’t easy. If you’re serious about getting the best results out of your online classes, it’s time to buckle up. Here are a few ways to improve your academic performance and manage your stress and time effectively.

1. Be Familiar with the Platform

The days of needing a pen, paper, and textbooks are gone. You’ll need a fairly latest system along with high-speed internet access to manage assignments, discussion forums, chat sessions, and class materials. You will have to be comfortable with technology – the course may involve navigating a college website, installing and updating software, converting documents into PDF files, conducting searches, and uploading assignments. You will also have to be comfortable working on a word processing software, and up-to-date plug-ins to engage with web content.

2. Manage Your Time

Technology provides tools that can help your manage your time and limit distractions. Embrace project management tools to be more productive. Install the myHomework app to plan your work and stay organized. Use the Todoist app to list your work schedule and assign due dates. Organize your coursework and projects in the form of cards using Trello. Conquer your digital distractions with the help of tech blocking tools such as Freedom, Cold Turkey, and Focus. If technology isn’t the distraction, try Unstuck, Chegg Study, and myNoise or Noisli. These tools can help to clear your mind and focus your thoughts on studies. Install note taking apps such as Dragon Dictation, and Rocketbook to make your efforts more efficient. Use OneNote and Evernote to keep your notes organized. If you need more tips on time management, read ‘How To Avoid Student Burnout And Achieve Academic Goals.’

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3. Crate a Study Space

Find or create a dedicated study space. Choose a consistent study location to absorb more information. It could be a cubicle in the library, a corner of the dining room, coffee shop, or a study table at home. Use this space to review course materials, watch lectures, study for a test, comment on discussion forums, and get your homework done. If you have family obligations such as taking care of your parents or a child, make arrangements to hire a babysitter or a caretaker. When you cannot avoid a commitment, hire class help online services to manage the workload. Call us to ask – ‘Can I pay someone to take my online class?’ We have years of experience taking online classes on behalf of students needing academic assistance. Our online class takers can help you earn an A or B grade on every assignment.