How Interesting Should Your Classes Be?

May 2017
Sleeping the Person in class Room
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We’re not among the worst, but our education system isn’t really on par when compared with the systems prevalent in other developed countries. The primary aim of education is to bring awareness, to help us gain knowledge and to develop a strong moral character. The instructor’s role is to help student focus and make the best of the opportunities available to them. If you’re a teacher, here’s how you can make your class interesting:

Understand The Purpose Of Learning A Subject

It is essential for everyone – the one who is teaching and the one who is studying to understand the purpose of learning a subject. As an instructor, it is your duty to ensure that students understand the essential purpose of studying a subject.

Give Real Time Examples

A good instructor always helps students relate their study material with real life situations by giving examples. Students are interested in the practical application of a concept rather than memorizing the theory. Theoretical classes can be made attractive by setting up of examples that relate to our lives.

Never Forget To Have Fun

Sitting in a classroom for hours with different teachers struggling to complete their syllabus can easily tempt a student to feel bored. Having stress break sessions can make your students feel energized. It helps in decreasing the stress and increasing the creative level of the students. Schools should practice yoga and other breathing exercises for proper brain functioning of the students. Such practices followed by student result in increased blood circulation throughout the body. As a result, we can make them stay focused. So never forget to have fun in classrooms.

Have Interactive Sessions

Classes can be boring without proper interaction between the lecturer and students. Two-way communication is needed to know how far a student can understand a topic taught by the teacher. Every tutor should let their students discuss the topic and make it an interactive session. At the end of every class, the teachers can arrange for an interactive Q&A session for better understanding and make students find it interesting.

Use Advanced Technologies

Students in these days are very much attracted to emerging technologies used for education. Some of the technologies include

• Augmented and virtual reality

• Smart boards with flexible touch and 3D display

• Cloud computing

• Free Online Courses like MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course)

• Social Media Learning

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