How To Focus And Concentrate On Studies?

January 2018
Focus And Concentrate On Studies Better
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When’s the last time you were intensely paying attention to a single task for a long time? As we add distractions like tweets, snaps, and text messages to our lives, we lose our ability to resist them. Attention is the process of focusing on cognitive resources and ignoring all others. The ability to focus on one task depends on a lot of factors like:

• Your environment

• Your tendency to seek something interesting when faced with a dull or difficult task

• Your interest in the task itself

• Your brain’s current state

• How long you have been focusing your attention.

With that in mind, here are several different things to strengthen your attention muscle and concentrate well on whatever task you need to complete.

Stop Multi-Tasking:

Your brain can’t actually do two things at once. It’s difficult to switch from one task to another rapidly. When doing so, you not only lose but also waste time while getting back into the flow of things. So when you decide to work, choose one task and make it your only focus.

Tailor Your Environment:

Create isolated workspaces in your home or choose a coffee shop. It would create the least amount of strain to your inhibitory mechanisms. Once you have selected your spot, gather all the required materials to learn. Put away anything non- essential. Anything you can do to resist future distractions will help you stay focused and finish your work faster.

Resist Distractions:

You may sometimes get the sudden urge to check social media while working on your math homework. Some apps like Cold Turkey and StayFocused can block distracting websites.

Plan Breaks:

Unlike computers, your brains operate on a cycle of work and rest. After studying hard for a certain amount of time, you need to take a short break.The amount of time will vary from student to student, but a good guideline to use is 25-30 minutes. Once you spend that long on a task, if you feel your attention waning, take a break for a few minutes. Stand up, stretch, walk around or get some water.

Control Your Health Habits:

You’ll only have a limited amount of focused energy you can expand in a day. To focus and improve long-term, you need to take care of your brain’s biological needs. Your mind needs plenty of sleep, nutrients,and exercise to work at peak efficiency.

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