Everything You Need To Know About Internships

November 2017
About Internships
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Employers are hesitant to hire fresh graduates as they lack real-world experience. This is why internships matter a lot in such situations. It opens magical doors and helps you gain exposure into the corporate world.

How Do Internships Work?

A company hires an intern to help their full-time employees with a project or assignment. As an intern, you can hone your skills by working under the close supervision of existing staff. These experiences can help you polish essential skills.

Should You Consider An Unpaid Internship?

Internships are of two forms – paid and unpaid. Unpaid internships are considered illegal by the U.S. Department of Labor when they fail to meet the six federal legal requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Unpaid internships are more common among startups and local businesses than well-established companies. You can do an unpaid internship if the opportunity is worth the money.

Action Plan To Land Your Dream Internship:

Before applying for an internship, get a clear picture of what you’d like to do for your career advancement. You don’t want to end up wasting a lot of precious time interning at a place that doesn’t suit you.

1. Research online to know about the potential career options that match your personality.

2. Speak with employees you aspire to be like, they know what to expect from the positions.

3. Join LinkedIn and other local internship groups to connect with professionals.

4. Meet former interns in your field.

5. Reach out to your professors who can recommend you to great internship opportunities. Share your interests with them and get valuable advice that can save you from a poor internship.

The experience gained through an internship adds value to your resume and helps you showcase your abilities. Until you try, you’re never going to know what you want in life. The more you solve problems, the better are your employment opportunities.

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