Essential Skills For Having A Successful Career

November 2017
A Successful Career
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The world has changed drastically in the past few decades – in just a few years, we’ve transitioned from pagers to cellphones and now smartphones. Besides the digital revolution, we’ve witnessed advances in medicine, human knowledge and the general quality of life. Career planning is no longer about earning a degree to find a job and showing up for work every day until you retire.

We have listed some skills essential for a career in the 21st century:

Skills 1: Academic Skills:

Not everything you learn may be relevant in the real world scenario, but education is not only about earning decent grades. You will have to constantly make sense of what’s happening in the real world and connect them to the things you have been taught. Train yourself to become an active thinker, writer, and reader.

Skill 2: Life Skills:

Life is the best teacher and an excellent guide. Every struggle, every fear, every defeat is an experience that enriches life. Teach yourself about managing finances, staying healthy, and maintaining a positive attitude in life. Life skills help to meet the challenges of everyday life, thereby preparing you for a better future.

Skill 3: Employability Skills:

Teach yourself skills like time management, leadership skills, and social skills – employers across the world aren’t just looking for people with the right academic qualifications. They need people with the right attitude. Practice this in your student life by completing tasks before the due date, working in groups, organizing projects, and being proactive.

Skill 4: Technical Skills:

Technical skills are industry specific. High school students with technical knowhow are more likely to find a job quickly. So find ways to earn certificates and credentials in specialized fields.

A university degree doesn’t alone guarantee a successful career. None of these skills can be learned in schools – you will have to develop them on your own. For everything else – we’re there! Call us to ask – ‘can I pay someone to take my online class!’