Enrolled In An Online Course? Here Are Some Tips For You

November 2016
Uploaded ToEnrolled In An Online Course? Here Are Some Tips For You
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Online education offers a flexible, convenient, and affordable way to earn a degree. But it also requires a lot of organizational skills. Before logging on the first day of your online class, check the technical requirements and install necessary software earlier. Waiting to check up on what you need won’t help.

What should do before the first day of online class?

Check your technical skills

Make sure you have internet access, audio/video software, college email account, and word processing capabilities. Ensure that you have necessary technical skills before taking an online course. The basic skills required in online classes are: a thorough knowledge of word processing software, knowing how to save and name files, send and receive emails, attach files to an email or the course assignment drop box.

Log into your class ASAP

Log in at least three days before the course is scheduled to begin. Use this time to check that the given login username and password are valid. If not, contact your college to get the problem solved. Once you have logged in, click all the available tabs so you can understand the course requirements and the due dates.

Print and read the syllabus

Read the syllabus carefully. It includes a weekly assignment schedule and due dates. Note long-term assignments including group work or projects on the calendar and highlight those to ensure that are to be completed on time.

Mark due dates in calendar

Use a calendar or checklist to mark important due dates. Many students prefer an online calendar that includes a daily and weekly agenda. The main benefit of using online calendars is getting reminders about the deadlines. Choose which works best for you and update your schedule for each week. That way, you won’t miss any deadlines and you will earn good grades for every homework assignment.

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