How To Effectively Participate In Chat Sessions

November 2016
In Chat Sessions
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Take initiative

Don’t wait for someone to start the chat. Be the first and post your question before the chat begins. Encourage others to join the discussion and thank them when they do. Consider the topic important to you and invite others to feel the same.

Be selective and attentive

– Do not reply to every post. Respond to the ones that will inspire your best reply.

– Do not post about topics that are different than what’s required. Stick to the topic so you cna get the best grade possible.

Be an active participant

Do not send emails or surf the internet during chat sessions. Do not engage in other offline activities while the conversion is ongoing. If you feel that not much is being taken away from the conversation, ask people questions to clarify answers.

Don’t just post “I agree.” First, the professor will never like that, and you won’t get full points. Second, it will not help anyone else to respond, which in turn will make it harder for you to reply again.

Be patient and take notes

– Don’t post without reading the proper material and posts that other people made. Yours should be relevant.

– Take notes while the conversation is going to keep your questions forward-thinking.

Be brief

Be short and descriptive when you are responding or posting. Limit word count within 25 to 50 because some may omit reading the long post.

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