How To Complete Online Assignments On Time

December 2016
Online Assignments On Time
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As productive as you’d like to think you are, we’ve all been caught in a tight situation where your homework is due in a few hours, but you haven’t started yet. Online assignments carry around 25 per cent weight when determining grades. Here’s how to complete online assignments on time and earn an A or B without breaking a sweat:

• Choose the right place to do your homework:

Choose a library, coffee shop, or a place where people around you are working. This ensures minimal distraction and offers motivation to work. Do not go sit anywhere close to your bed, especially if you’re working late into the late. Avoid the TV or other distractions as well.

• Break your assignment into simple manageable tasks:

Divide the assignment into small manageable components. Figure out the most important aspect of these components; it could either be one that needs maximum attention, or one that occupies a bulk of your time. Set yourself up for the most important task so that you free to complete the less important ones in the last minute. Ever heard of Steven Covey’s time matrix? He divides tasks into 4 different zones, viz. very important – urgent, very important not urgent, not important – very urgent, not important – not urgent.

• Tackle the most meaningful or important task first:

It can be tiring if you have to force yourself to do something, or are less willing to complete the task. This is especially true when you have to take up the next challenge. Use your willpower to do the most important and high impact task better so that you are free to do tasks that you don’t like or don’t want to do.

• Seek help:

Do not hesitate to seek help if you have tried your best and still worried about missing the due date. Call us – we offer online class help. Can I pay someone to do my homework? Yes, you can. We’ll write your tests, complete your homework, write essays and research papers.

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