What Are The Characteristics Of An Online Student

April 2017
An Online Class Student
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Virtual students agree that online education is just as rigorous and challenging than traditional face-to-face classrooms. If you are planning to enroll in an online course, consider the following characteristics of successful online students.

1. Goal-oriented

Online learners must be self-disciplined and goal-oriented. They have to dedicate themselves to complete their weekly assignments and discussion boards in their online class.

2. Proficient readers and communicators

Online classes are all about reading. Students should read, learn, and comprehend information from their study materials and share their knowledge in forum discussions. They should ask questions when they require clarification. They must show respect to their peers and instructors.

3. Basic computer skills

Online students should be skillful in basic computer skills like sending and receiving emails with attachments, downloading & accessing files, cutting and pasting from word processing systems, and communicating with peers in discussion boards.

4. Meet deadlines

Students who are successful in completing their online courses know how to schedule their time to meet deadlines for classroom discussions and group assignments.

5. Not easily frustrated

Online students often face obstacles that go out of their control: computer may hang up or servers may crash. A successful online student finds solutions for unexpected “catastrophes” by thinking ahead about solutions to potential problems.

6. Take Responsibility For their Own Learning Process

Successful online students make learning a priority, work diligently to comprehend the study materials, and get the most out of their online courses.

7. Persistence

Successful online students do not quit. They create a study schedule and stick to it tenaciously.

8. Focus on personal and professional goals

Successful online learners remember why they are in online learning and keep their education and career plan handy.

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