What Are The Benefits of Online Learning in the Workplace

March 2017
Online Learning in the Workplace
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Online education is more challenging than conventional classrooms. But, learning online helps you acquire valuable career skills that textbooks don’t always promise. It also helps you build career strengths that pay off real life.

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Employers today are looking for individuals with these three highly beneficial skills. They are:

1. Self-motivation

On-campus students are required to attend class on a regular basis. Professors deliver lessons, answer questions, and assign tasks. But in online classes, it’s unlikely to see your instructor and peers face-to-face. Since there is no one there to make you learn, you have to hold yourself accountable. Self-motivation is an amazing skill to possess in the real world.

2. Communication

Being good at communication is a highly valued skill at work. In an online class, communication takes place through e-mails and posts. Every message, every assignment you submit, should be as clear as possible because even simple misunderstandings can affect your grades.

3. Organization and time management

No matter how motivated and eloquent, you cannot succeed in an online learning program if you can’t juggle family, work, and studies. As an online student, you should develop a time management plan and learn to prioritize your course assessments wisely.

Ask yourself these questions about time management from the beginning, and re-evaluate your time when responsibilities and priorities change.

• How much time can I afford each day for an online class?

• How can I make use of my study time?

• When am I in my productive best – morning or evening?

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