Benefits of Majoring in Math

August 2016
Graduate Student of math
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Math is a great subject to major in. Some people think, though, that careers in the subject are limited to teaching. But that’s not true. There are many exciting careers for people with degrees in Math.

When you study math, you develop analytical, logical, and reasoning skills. Employers, as well as graduates and professional schools, value such abilities. Math students are attentive and solid problem solvers.

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Who Hires Math Graduates?

People with the Math degrees are in high demand in the following places:

• Accounting firms
• Banks and other financial institutions
• Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers
• Engineering firms
• Government agencies
• Health services
• Investment firms
• Research and development firms
• Software development firms
• Telecommunications companies

Job Titles Commonly Held By Math Graduates:

• Accountant
• Budget Analyst
• Computer Programmer
• Data Analyst
• Economic Analyst
• Financial Analyst
• Financial Manager
• Insurance Agent
• Investment Manager
• Loan Counselor/Officer
• Market Research Analyst
• Statistician
• Surveyor

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