Are Online Degrees Worth The Time And Effort

November 2015
Online Degree time effort calculation
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Millions of students take up online courses every year. Prestigious universities like MIT, Stanford, and Princeton have collaborated with online learning platforms like Coursera and Udacity to offer Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs. But are online degrees worth the time and effort? Do employers view these courses favorably?

No, Online Degrees Aren’t Worth The Time And Effort:

Most online colleges are diploma mills and offer certificates that have little or no value. And in some cases, these colleges aren’t even recognized by professional associations and accrediting bodies. Employers often do not view these courses favorably- they do not consider these online learning students to have skills needed for the job. Online learning can be overwhelming as well- a typical student has to complete assignments, tests, essays, and quizzes within a tight deadline. Not to mention, the time spent listening to boring video lectures.

Yes, Online Degrees Are Worth the Time And Effort

Online degrees are a smart way for students to pursue a degree while simultaneously working towards a successful career. Employers do not pay attention to the method through which you’ve earned the degree; the reputation of the school is what matters to them. A degree from a prestigious university that offers online degree programs is always valued and respected by employers. Employer perception about online degrees has changed drastically- when two candidates with the same level of experience apply for a job, a large majority wouldn’t care if the degree was obtained online or otherwise. As for the claim that online degrees are exhaustive, there’s always a solution. You can always manage tight deadlines by getting someone to take your online class.Can I pay someone to take my online class,you ask? Yes, you can! It makes sense to get online tutors manage assignments and tests for subjects that are of little interest to you, or are irrelevant to your majors.