All You Wanted to Know About MyStatLab’s Answers

January 2020
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MyStatLab is a wonderful portal for students studying statistics. MyStatLab was created by Pearson, and it includes hundreds of tutorials, homework helpers, and sample assessments to assist students with improving their grades. It’s also a great platform for showing how statistics can be applied to everyday life. But in order to use MyStatLab’s platform successfully, you need to be able to grasp a concept and/or answer correctly. In short, MyStatLab is a useful platform, but it’s not free of flaws, and these flaws are discussed at length in the following sections:

1. MyStatLab Is a Complicated System

First-time users often express that MyStatLab is a difficult platform to use, especially for those who don’t know much about the concepts they’re researching. A significant amount of time must be invested in just learning the platform, and time is something precious to the majority of online students. Most students enrolled in online courses have obligations outside of academics, like familial or work commitments, and therefore these students have no time to learn a complicated platform.

MyStatLab answers


2. MyStatLab Often Confuses Students

Although their software is designed to simplify complex data, it often confuses students and therefore makes finding the right answers quite difficult. And for the students who know how to use the system, finding the right answer consistently is still a bit challenging. You may be tempted to search for answers online, but this is rarely effective because students almost always work with unique data. For an answer to be correct, the work done with it as well has to be accurate, or you may lose a lot of points on the assignment.

The Solution

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