Tech Skills For College Students

September 2017
College Student
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Good technical skills can help a student transition from college academics to corporate world. In fact, employers and hiring managers across the world prefer students who are comfortable around technology. Some of the most common skills students should possess include:

Typing Skills

Learning to type quickly and accurately will benefit you in a number of ways. It helps you save time and become more productive.

Online Etiquette

Online communication is slightly tricky in the sense that it is open to interpretation. It is important to learn appropriate expressions to set the right tone. This is especially important when replying on forums, or drafting an email to your instructor. If you are not sure about etiquette, hire our online class help tutors. Our service is particularly helpful for students who are new to the country and non native English speakers. Online tutors at Take My Online Class can help my posting on chat discussion forums and even correspond with instructors for students.

Office Suite Skills

Microsoft Office is possibly the world’s most commonly used software. It is important to learn how to use some of its key components like MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Internet Search

The internet is full of information; sadly not all of it is credible. Students should know how to look for credible resources. For example, they should know how to use Google Scholar, a reliable source to search for books, theses, and articles.

Safety And Security Awareness

Privacy is a huge concern when sharing information on the internet. Students should know that they are responsible for any content posted by them on social media network and other channels. Read terms and conditions before you sign up for something or give away your personal/financial information. Choose passwords that are difficult to hack – a combination of alpha-numeric and special characters is ideal. Be aware of antivirus, phishing emails, and fake websites. Avoid sharing private information like your address, phone number, and bank details online.

What are some of the other technical skills you think that students should have? Share your thoughts with us!