5 Online Safety Tips For College Students

December 2022
5 Online Safety Tips For College Students
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Are you a student who uses online for almost everything? Are you even planning to call an online tutoring service and ask, “Can you do my online class?” The benefits of online services are limitless. At the same time, one small careless act is enough to land you in serious trouble. With the rapid increase in cybercrimes, we should be highly cautious. Use these five safety factors to avoid online scams and stay secure.

1. Passwords Safety

  • Change your password often
  • Set up two-step authentication
  • Make sure passwords and password hints are stored securely
  • Unique passwords for each application,
  • Do not share your passwords with anyone, not even your friend
  • Secure all your devices, including computers, phones, tablets, smartwatches, and smart TVs.

2. Protect Your Privacy

  • Go private in all your social media accounts
  • Avoid TMIs
  • Do not post live updates, which makes your safety vulnerable
  • Strangers are strangers- Don’t acquaint yourself with unknown people online
  • Do not give out your personal information in public
  • Remember this golden rule- anything posted on the internet stays on the internet

3. Online Scams On Students

  • After the emergence of online classes, scammers who target students are getting more.
  • Remember to read the terms and conditions whenever you sign up for something.
  • Do good and adequate research to go for any service you need.
  • Avoid online tutoring scams by hiring online class takers from reliable services.
  • Never register anywhere with your personal and college information.
  • If you need any online class-related services, carefully go through the details, such as the process, services provided, and the feedback section on their official website, before reaching out to them.

4. Software Support And Backups

  • Download the latest version of your browser since it has built-in protection against fake websites and viruses
  • Never miss any software updates; regularly update to make sure you’re protected against any new online threats
  • Secure your data both online and offline regularly
  • Back up all the essential information on external hard drives

5. Beware Of Hacking Methods

Beware Of Hacking Methods

  • Careful of online scams like phishing, fraudulent emails, and suspicious links
  • Never enter your personal or financial information on a website that isn’t safe (check for the padlock or “https://” prefix in the address bar)
  • Avoid using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Ensure that your Wi-Fi networks are password protected

Online scams are getting evolved day-by-day and can vary widely. Act smart and think twice before clicking or doing anything online. You can easily avoid online fraud if you stay alert in your every action.

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