5 Myths Concerning Online Learning

August 2016
Online Learning
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There’s no doubt that online learning is the future of education. There’s a lot that’s great about online classes. Still, a lot of students drop out before their classes end. Why is that? One of the reasons is unreal expectations about the platform. Here are five myths concerning online classes that you probably didn’t know:

• Lack of an active instructor:

Online classes are self-driven in the sense that the student is in control of when and where they do the work. But that doesn’t mean that the student is solely in control of his or her grades. Oftentimes students need help with their work. In a conventional class they could simply walk up to the instructor and ask for clarification. In the online platform it is harder to do this. One needs to wait for the instructor to respond via email. The result of this is that some students who need help get lost, and drop out.

• Online classes are easier:

This is a big myth. Online courses require a lot of work. The typical class includes weekly homework, essays, quizzes, and tests. There are many hours that have to be put in weekly just to stay afloat. Students don’t expect this when they sign up and hence they drop out, or hire tutors online who can give them MyMathLab answers.

• Etiquette is still important:

There are deadlines for assignments that you have to abide by, and there are rules for engaging with other students on the discussion forums. Enrolled students must be aware that the online platform is multicultural and that they therefore have to behave appropriately and communicate intelligently. Some students who sign up don’t realize this, and the platform surprises them in its formality. It is important to be prepared.

Before you sign up for an online course, be sure to do your research on which school is right for you.