4 Steps To Create A Weekly Study Plan

November 2017
A Weekly Study Plan
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Students who wish to commit to learning and improving their grades in college should have a weekly study plan in place. Setting a weekly plan helps students organize a schedule that outlines study times and learning goals that leads towards identifying what needs to get accomplished, what tasks require completion (assignments, tests, etc.) and also keeping track of any other commitments you need to honor.

If you want to set out a plan for the week, spend a few minutes every weekend and schedule each day of the week by following these steps:

Make A Time Chart:

Making a Time Chart involves blocking off days and times in your calendar dedicated to studying, attending classes and taking notes about your daily activities. Time charts will allow you to see how you spend your time from day to day. The plan can be useful for determining days and times that you can devote to studying on a weekly basis.

Create A Schedule:

When creating your personalized schedule, self-evaluation of your current plan and time management is crucial. First, segregate days with fewer personal commitments to accommodate study time. Once done, mark the weekdays in your planner by writing the schedule down for that week, so that it acts as a reminder every time you see it. Make sure the plan is realistic and achievable.

Decide Your Learning Goals:

Each student studies differently. Your learning goals may be entirely different from someone else’s. Every student may develop a different study plan, depending on their priorities and their time management skills. Self-evaluation regarding your expectations on each subject, maintaining top GPA’s, and preparing for assignments should be done regularly and should tailor the study plan depending on your weekly goals.

Adhere To Your Schedule:

Consistency is the key to result-oriented plans. It is best to create a study plan for the entire semester of college. Fine-tuning the schedule to personalize the various classes will help you stick to the program. If time or other issues seem to come in the way, hire us to reduce the stress of assignments and test. Can I pay someone to take my online class? Yes! We help students with homework, tests, quizzes, essays, Math homework answers and more!

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