4 Mistakes to Avoid in an Online Class

July 2018
Mistakes to Avoid in an Online Class
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Taking an online course may seem easy, but it is anything but that! You have to commit at least 25 to 30 hours every week to stay on top of assignments. Studying for a test or completing a research paper can require a lot more time. The problem for most online students is that they are often running from one deadline to another and end up exhausted and unmotivated. If you are an online student, we list a few mistakes you should avoid:

Starting late:

Just because it is online learning and can be done anywhere does not mean you can start late. Most online courses are intensive; you have to cover a lot of information in a very short span of time. Even if you miss one class, you could be missing out on a vital link to the course. To complete assignments on time and ensure that you are on track, remember to start your course from day one.

Don’t Wait Until Books Arrive:

Sometimes, it can be a few weeks until your books arrive. The books are for added reference; a major portion of the study material is already available on the internet. You can always use this until you get your books to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important. You can always ask your instructor for alternate resources.

Log in for the Required Time:

Most online courses require students to log in for a required time. This could include posting enough comments on online discussions, taking tests, logging in to watch video lectures. Instructors can give or take away points for not completing minimum log in hours.

Ask for Help:

Instructors are more than happy to help you. It is up to you to be proactive and ask them for guidance. You could either Skype them, speak to them via video calls, or send an email. And if they are unavailable or unhelpful, you could always ask our tutors, ‘Can you take my online class?’ Our tutors are more than happy to be of assistance to manage your homework, tests, and other assignments.

What are some mistakes that you think online students make? Share your thoughts!