4 Careers That Are More Interesting Than You Think

July 2017
Four Careers
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You can find your dream job only if you knew what exactly you want to achieve in your life. Many of us aren’t lucky enough to find a dream career. In fact, many college students go through an awkward phase in life, not knowing what is right for them. Once done with your schooling, spend some time to analyze yourself to find out what could be your dream job. It can help you to choose the right university course with a sense of focus. Some of the less popular yet interesting options include:

Intelligence Officer:

You could be the real life James Bond! Usually, intelligence officers do not disclose their secret life to anybody, including their family members. Your job is to gather intelligence and to protect national interests. The role requires superior interpersonal skills. Intelligence officers are highly motivated, display strong courage and inner strengths. The selection process takes around six months and it includes an extensive vetting process.

Airline Pilot:

A prestigious and rewarding career with travel opportunities that anyone could wish for. You will need a math degree to become an air pilot. There are plenty of aviation academies with pupils straight from school. Some knowledge of physics and math is essential when learning about forces, calculating fuel consumption and flight timings. The aviation school provides hours of training programs and courses to work with an airline crew. You will learn to fly different types of airplanes, with several takeoffs and landings. To become a licensed pilot, you need to pass an exam that tests your knowledge in operational tasks and efficiency in flying.


Architecture is licensed profession that involves intelligence and creativity. Architects are responsible for designing a building. The main difference between architects and civil engineers are that designers concentrate on the look and feel of the structural work while civil engineers focus on safety regulations at extreme conditions. The combination of both can make the project more successful.


Journalism is a competitive field and is the backbone of the media industry. Students who can present facts without being judgmental and yet protect the rights of ordinary people are perfect candidates. You need to have an ordered mind, determination and dedication. You can sign up for an online journalism course. And if you’re struggling with assignments, call us! We are a U.S. based online class help service dedicated to help you!