4 Advantages Of Online Learning

April 2017
Online Learning
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Online learning has opened up a world of opportunities where there were none for people who dreamed of pursuing their academic dreams. Young parents, professional sportspeople, fulltime professionals, and others who had long given up on their career dreams can now take up new vocations, or move up the career ladder. Here are some of the advantages of online learning:

Learning takes place in sequences:

Unlike a traditional classroom where learning happens through monolithic lectures that lasted for more than an hour, online learning takes place through short video tutorials of around 8 to 15 minutes. At the end of every video, students have to answer questions based on the lecture. The video remains paused until the student answers correctly. This ensures that students remember and recollect information. Students get to take part in active learning and engaging with the study material.

Instant feedback:

Computerized grading system facilitates instant feedback; i.e. you can immediately tell the student if he is right or wrong. Instant feedback can be a good thing while learning. It also helps students save time while studying. They also get to try something again and again. Students can pause a video, move back to a previous module, or fast forward to another module.


You can continue to be a parent, a career driven fulltime professional, or a student in a regular college and yet take up online learning. You can study when you want and wherever you prefer. Study at your own pace and complete assignments when you find time. And when you don’t have the time call us to ask – can you take my online class?’