The 3 Common Types Of Learners In Online Classes

March 2017
Learned In Online Class
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Online education is everywhere. It’s popular. You may be a busy professional or an aspiring college student, and you might consider taking an online course. But, do you believe eLearning only works for particular learning styles? If so, the answer is big NO! The fact is, eLearning can help all types of learners if you go about it in the right way.

Read ahead to learn about the 3 common types of eLearners:

1. Visual Learners

Visual learners comprehend information by visualizing. They rely on visual aids such as maps, charts, diagrams, and videos. They may speak fast, and they may prefer to work alone rather than in groups.

You may be a visual learner if

• You create picture-based flashcards or flowcharts for study purposes

• Your notes are covered with drawings

• You spend time studying using charts, graphs, or illustrations

• You are good at remembering faces but not names

• You’re good with maps and directions

• You visualize information while learning

• You’d pay more attention to visual presentations than listening to lectures.

Study tips for visual learners:

• Highlight or underline words and phrases

• Convert your notes into charts, diagrams, and lists

• Take handwritten notes during lecture

• Create flashcards to study for quizzes and exams

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2. Auditory learners

These type of learners learn best through their sense of hearing, i.e., they prefer listening to information rather than reading or using visual aids. They tend to be linear thinkers and may repeat things they hear out loud.

You may be an auditory learner if

• You tend to talk or read aloud

• You are a good listener

• You easily remember what others say

Study tips for auditory learners:

• Hole up in a quiet place and read aloud

• When using flashcards, give responses out loud

• Record lectures

• Utilize videos for listening

• Discuss ideas with other students

• Purchase textbooks in audio format

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3. Kinesthetic learners

These type of learners learn best through experience or performing tasks. They have good coordination and best remember what they do or learn.

You may be a kinesthetic learner if

• You enjoy building, making or creating

• You can’t sit for a long time

• You’re a multitasker

Study tips for kinesthetic learners:

• Create your own outline while going through the lessons.

• Walk around while reviewing your notes

• Study in blocks of time with frequent breaks

Just now you have seen different types of learners and find which type of student you are, and apply the corresponding learning style.

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