3 Best “To-Do” Apps For Students In 2022

August 2022
To-Do Apps
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Whether you’re naturally organized or chaos is your middle name, as a student trying to stay on top of all your submissions, projects, papers, exam dates and myriad other things that clamber for your attention – is extremely difficult. Trying to track it all in your head is like keeping numerous tabs open in your brain – 24 x 7. That’s exhausting, and you’re likely to end up feeling stressed and frantic.

We’ve got an easy solution for you: use an external system to track your deadlines, appointments, class hours and other information. And, if you could do with a helping hand on your homework assignments, reach out to online class takers and ask, “Can I pay someone to take my online class?” Connect with homework experts and complete your assignments on time, improving your GPA.

With that out of the way, let’s turn to to-do list apps. With dozens of options available in the market, finding the right one that works for you is extremely difficult. With dozens of solutions available in the market, how do you pick the right one that works best for you?

Worry not! We’ve done the work for you. In this article, we review some of the best to-do apps for students in 2022, highlighting the pros and cons of each. This way, you can quickly choose the right one that suits your requirements.


It’s one of the most popular to-do list apps for students. The intuitive interface is a pleasure to use and makes navigation super convenient and comfortable. You can quickly track due dates and set up reminders for upcoming homework assignments and end of term tests. When you’ve completed a task, all you’ve got to do is select the tick box next to it, to indicate that it’s done and dusted.

The biggest benefit of todoist is that it makes collaboration super easy. You can share a to-do list with friends and classmates. This is a great feature, especially when you’re working on group projects that require all team members to complete specific tasks. It also integrates with other productivity tools like Gmail, Alexa and Slack helping to keep track all your deadlines from one place.

The con is that Todoist is not free. You can use the basic features for free, but to access of all Todoist’s advanced features you have to sign up for the premium version that costs around $36 per year.



If you love color coordinated apps, you’ll fall in love with Memorigi. It’s an all-rounder and includes a to-do list, daily planner, and task manager to keep track of your coursework, homework and other commitments. You can create a to-do list and include reminders for projects, classes and study sessions. You can even set goals for the week, month or the entire semester. The My Day feature prioritizes the tasks you need to complete every day, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with your long list of tasks for the entire semester.

It offers cloud sync, meaning you can quickly track your to-do lists across devices. It’s free to use, but you can upgrade to Premium if you want advanced features like integration with Google calendar, etc. The one drawback is that it’s available only on Android. If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve got to give this a pass.

Remember the Milk

Don’t let the app’s quirky name fool you into thinking that it’s a grocery list app. This creative app makes it easy to create to-do lists and share them with others. It’s a great option when you’re working on class projects as a team. Once you set up the tasks, the app sends you frequent reminders on email, Twitter, IM, mobile notifications – to keep you on track. It syncs across all your devices and makes sure that you never forget a due date. It’s totally free, but upgrading to the Premium subscription gives you access to unlimited storage.

Try out these three to-do apps, explore their features and pick one that works for you. Bid adieu to overloading your brain with numerous due dates, digitize your deadlines and never miss any, ever again!