10 Important Math Apps That Makes Your Life Easier

June 2017
Math Apps That Makes Your Life Easier
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It’s hard to imagine a world without smartphones and internet. You can use the internet for just about anything – from finding answers for complicated life problems to locating the nearest restaurant near you! Did you know you can use your phone to find solutions to your Math test questions? Here are a few Math apps designed to make life easy:

1. Photomath

Photomath is a magical app which allows you to photograph your mathematical equations and provide a step by step information on how it can be solved. It recognizes the image and converts it into online characters to solve problems and provide immediate results.

2. MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator carries out calculations by recognizing handwritten characters and converts them into digital characters to provide a step by step answer. It is similar to our traditional system of solving problems in notebooks. The only difference is that the application uses an electronic device to calculate mathematics.

3. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha serves as a search engine to compute problems with the help of algorithms and data from the database. It is more of an encyclopedia which can broaden your mind with countless possibilities.

4. PCalc Lite Calculator

PCalc Lite is a powerful calculator designed especially for researchers, geeks, and students. It includes switchable layouts, split screen multitasking, editable conversions and many more features.

5. Mathspace

Mathspace helps you to read mathematical books online accompanied with interactive questions. It helps you recognize handwritten characters and gives you instant feedback on the problems you solved.

6. DragonBox Algebra 5+

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is a fun app designed to teach basics in Algebra using games. The concept of algebra is delivered efficiently by solving logical puzzles with different modes.

7. Calculords

Calculords is an innovative gaming concept that keeps you involved with interesting puzzles. It is a motivational app designed to help students understand the need of using math in real life.

8. Math Ref

Math Ref is a reference app that helps you access thousands of formulas, equations, and examples to understand the basics not only in math but also physics, chemistry and more. It is easy for those who have a deeper knowledge of the subject.

9. Algeo Graphing Calculator

Algeo Graphing Calculator is a graphing application to draw functions, understand roots and intersections, and values of the problem. It helps to solve derivatives and equations.

10. Operation Math

Operation Math is a fun app that sharpens arithmetic skills with 105 exciting missions at different levels. It offers flexibility option to students where they can become an expert.

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