5 Common Reasons for Delayed Assignment Submissions

September 2021
Assignment Submissions
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Missing an assignment deadline happens to almost every student, and online learning can sometimes make deadlines more challenging to meet. There may be a genuine reason for the delay, or it can speak volumes about the student’s time management skills. Here are a few reasons why some people are always late for their assignments.

1. Bad Wi-Fi Connectivity

Online learning is entirely at the mercy of a good internet connection. From attending classes and participation in discussion forums to assignment submissions, everything relies on connectivity strength. Without proper connection, students can be disconnected from the course, and assignments may not upload correctly. It is advisable to get a good internet plan that will ensure high-quality Wi-Fi or find a place where you can do classwork that has good Wi-Fi.

2. Technical Issues with the Device

Whether it’s a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, sometimes, specific technical issues can cause them to stop functioning abruptly. Until the device is repaired, students may have to rely on other devices. Temporary replacement devices sometimes may not support the online class apps, causing further frustration to students.

3. Lack of Understanding

Not everyone’s learning styles are suited for online classes. Some students need extra guidance from their teachers to understand the subject, which can be more challenging to get when learning online. Such learners may take more time to finish projects or submit assignments as they get lost in complicated topics and unclear directions.

4. Multitasking


Students who work part-time or full-time have to juggle their time. They can become mentally and physically exhausted and are unable to complete tasks on time. Some students also enroll in multiple courses and lose focus between the various class schedules and assignments. When the different programs clash, students may get their exam dates mixed up and miss the deadline.

5. Ill Health

Students with poor health may find it challenging to complete tasks and attend online classes regularly. In such scenarios, it is best to keep the instructor informed about what’s going on. Sometimes exceptions can be made, and deadlines can be extended.

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